The Lexicon at Palermo

This week on 17-18 September 2015, Lexicon contributor Luciano Lungo and his colleagues at the University of Palermo are organizing an international conference on ‘Contemporary Knowledge in the Humanities‘, and … Continue Reading →

The Lexicon is Going to Leicester! – CfP ESTS 2015

From the 19th to the 21st of November 2015, the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS) holds its Twelfth Annual Conference at De Montfort University in Leicester, England. Sakari Katajamäki and … Continue Reading →

CfP: DHBenelux 2015

On June 8-9, the University of Antwerp (the Lexicon’s home base) hosts the second edition of DHBenelux, a young international initiative that strives to further the dissemination of, and collaboration between Digital … Continue Reading →

CfP: ‘Blue Skies Above, Solid Ground Below’

Lexicon contributor Elisa Nury has kindly forwarded the following Call for Papers for a conference on Innovation and Sustainability in Digital Humanities that will take place on June 18, at King’s College … Continue Reading →

Dutch Definitions in the Lexicon

Yesterday and today, I added two new sources to the Lexicon: “Denkt aleer ge doende zijt, … Elektronische Teksteditie.” by Dirk Van Hulle, and “…en doende, denkt dan nog. SGML, TEI … Continue Reading →

Translation Request (2nd Attempt)

NOTE: I’m sorry if you’ve received a link to this post before, something went wrong in the posting process the first time. I’ve reproduced the text here:  First off: Happy … Continue Reading →

The Lexicon’s First Birthday

Two weeks ago, on the 19th of November, the Lexicon celebrated its first birthday. So I thought it would be the perfect time to evaluate the progress we’ve made in the … Continue Reading →

The Lexicon is going to Helsinki!

I’ll start off this post by picking up the thread from my previous post, to share the good news that – as I was hoping – September did become the Lexicon’s best month … Continue Reading →

The Lexicon at SHARP 2014

Today, the latest edition of the international SHARP conference will take off, here in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s the 22nd edition of the annual conference of the Society for the History of … Continue Reading →

Six Month Anniversary (Stats)

It’s been a while since my last update, but as I said in my previous post, that’s because I’m saving up the information for when I have a little more … Continue Reading →