Dutch Definitions in the Lexicon

Yesterday and today, I added two new sources to the Lexicon: “Denkt aleer ge doende zijt, … Elektronische Teksteditie.” by Dirk Van Hulle, and “…en doende, denkt dan nog. SGML, TEI … Continue Reading →

Six Month Anniversary (Stats)

It’s been a while since my last update, but as I said in my previous post, that’s because I’m saving up the information for when I have a little more … Continue Reading →

The Progress Counter

First of all: a Happy (Belated) New Year, everyone! Although it’s been almost 2 months since my last update blogpost, I’m happy to report that the Lexicon has made quite … Continue Reading →

The ‘Multilemma’ of a Multilingual Lexicon of SE

Yesterday I added a series of new definitions from Jean Bellemin-Noël‘s 1972 monograph titled: Le texte et l’avant-texte: les brouillons d’un poème de Milosz. An important text for the Lexicon, not … Continue Reading →

Zotero etc.

Since returning from an inspiring ESTS conference in Paris at the end of last week, some adjustments have been made to the website. First, I’ve installed the Jetpack plugin, which … Continue Reading →

Eléments de critique génétique

Today we’ve finally imported the entire glossary of Almuth Grésillon’s Eléments de critique génétique into the Lexicon. This proved to be quite a challenge, not only because of its size, but … Continue Reading →