Without pretending to be exhaustive, this Lexicon of Scholarly Editing tries to be as thorough as possible by offering you the opportunity to contribute whenever you find a definition (or new entry) that may be added to the lexicon. There are basically two ways to contribute: (1) either you suggest a definition by completing our contact form; or (2) by registering as a contributor1 and following our guidelines for entering definitions in our WordPress CMS environment.

Whatever method you choose, we would like to thank you in advance for helping to expand the lexicon. We will take all definitions into consideration, and will update the lexicon as soon as possible. Afterwards, the new updates will be added to our News Blog, to which you can subscribe here, and we will update our Credits Page as well.

1 After registering as a user, please send us an e-mail so we can change your ‘WordPress role’ to ‘contributor’ and you can start writing definitions. Sadly, we cannot automate this process because a lot of spam-bots register to the website as well.

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