saut du même au même

Often the oversight has a mechanical cause: similar words of phrases appear twice on the same page, and the scribe, after copying as far as the first, mistakes the second for the place he has reached, and so omits what comes in between. This is called saut du même au même (West 1973, 24).

saut du même au même. Here the scribe, finding the same word twice within a short space, copies the text as far as its first occurrence; then looking back at the exemplar to see what he must copy next he inadvertently fixes his eye on the second occurrence of the word and proceeds from that point. As a result the intervening words are omitted from his copy. Mistakes are also caused if two words in close proximity have the same beginning or ending; the technical term for these are homoearcton and homoeoteleuton (Reynolds and Wilson 1991, 204).

Bourdon (synonyme : saut du même au même) : Omission d’un fragment de texte, occasionnée par la similitude à peu de distance de caractères analogues ou identiques (homéotéleute par exemple) (Vielliard 2001, 210).

Una forma tipica e molto frequente di errore per omissione è il salto da membro a membro, di cui si è già parlato al paragrafo precedente, che si verifica quando il copista tralascia involontariamente una parte del testo ‘isolata’ da due espressioni fra loro simili e confondibili (Chiesa 2002, 71).

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