edition (digital)

Labels are important when we try to come to a common understanding of the subjects we are talking about. Some talk about Scholarly Digital Editions (SDE), others Digital Scholarly Editions (DSE). Should we use two different labels, describe two different notions, identify two different concepts and thereby construct two different things here? Maybe there are indeed two different paths in the development and creation of critical editions. A Scholarly Digital Edition would emphasise that there is the phenomenon of digital publication and now is the time to care for its scholarly quality. This would mean to add the critical dimension to otherwise potentially uncritical publications. On the other hand, the Digital Scholarly Edition would refer to the tradition and methodologies of the scholarly edition and reflect its transformation into the digital realm. Since both should lead to the same result, they do not necessarily denote different things and, beyond the detailed discussion about approaches and perceptions, both may be used as synonyms.

(Sahle 2016, 33)

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